Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday Breakfast Casserole

One thing I love about Sunday is the idea of Brunch. I don't know why it seems more appealing on Sunday than other days, but for some reason, it does. One comfort food that I just love is a breakfast casserole. This is a low-fat, vegetarian, super-easy version. I apologize in advance for my "recipe", most of my friends know by now that I mostly work by guesstimates, rather than actual measurements.

* One tube of Pillsbury Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls
* about 1 carton Egg Beaters (You can use real eggs if you prefer, but I don't know how many to tell you, as I've only used the Beaters.)
* 1 cup or so of Morningstar Farms Sausage-Style Crumbles
* 1 and 1/2 to 2-ish cups of Kraft Fat-Free Cheddar Cheese (or 2% if you like it better)
* any vegetables you might want to add... I like onions, mushrooms, spinach, or a combo of the three!


* Preheat the oven to 350.
* Start by spraying a 9 by 13 glass baking dish. Lay the crescent roll in the dish, without separating the little triangles. Bake the crescent rolls until they are pretty much done, I find that works best for the next step. I won't surmise a guess as to how long, because my oven bakes things SO super fast. Just keep an eye on it, they should be smushed together and a light golden color.
* While that's baking, you'll want to sautee the sausage and any vegetables you're using. They just taste better that way. Add a little salt and pepper.
* When the crescent rolls are done and the sautee business is done, pour the eggs on top of the crescent rolls. The level should be fairly close to the top, leave an inch or so (so it doesn't bake over or something crazy). Toss in the stir-fry mixture and about 3/4 of the cheese. Bake until the eggs are good and poofy.
* Pull it out and add the rest of the cheese to top. Put it back in until that cheese is nice and melty, and a little browned.

This is really, really good served with sour cream, by the way. I apologize for my lack of times, I rely on my eyes and nose more than timers. Everyone's oven is different! Give it a try, and I hope you like it!

until later...

"I rarely wear clothes when I'm home by myself. I love making breakfast naked. But you've got to make sure the gardener's not coming that day. " ~Kristen Bell


  1. i make something similar at work sometimes--but i use bread instead of the crescent rolls... it's even better when prepared the night before

  2. I think it's a dozen eggs? I put bacon crumbles on top, except recently because Ima tryin' to cut out the meats. Also, garlic croutons in the egg mix makes it delicious. And if you want it spicy, add jalapeno or serrano peppers. Bam.

  3. Mer, why did I think you were vegetarian? Peppers sound great, good idea...

  4. you should try mashed cauliflower!

    Steam cauliflower & put it in blender with a splash of milk, some sauteed garlic and pepper. YUM!

  5. ooh, that cauliflower sounds awesome, too!!!

  6. Oh yum!! My stepmom used to make us something like this when we were kids when we had "breakfast for dinner" only she used english muffins. So funny for you to post this as just DAYS ago I was thinking of trying to make it a healthy way! Can't wait to try it with the crescent rolls!!