Monday, March 1, 2010

"Music...makes the people.... blah blah Madonna...."

So, you want to exercise, but you don't know what to listen to? People are always asking me for new workout music. The music you listen to when you run/lift/bike/whatever (although I don't recommend taking your iTouch in the swimming pool) is pretty important. Some people prefer not to listen to anything, for fear it will knock their rhythm off. In fact, a lot of marathons forbid the use of iPods, generally because there are thousands of people running and it's a good idea to be aware of your surroundings. But unless I'm carrying on a conversation, I know I definitely dig some tunes when I run. There is something fun for me in getting to listen to an album start to finish, uninterrupted. Or listening to a specially compiled playlist.

So, if you need ideas, I thought I'd share my running playlist. It's pretty varied. Some people like something that rocks, some people like to drop it like it's hot (I've noticed I get some funny looks on the trail when I'm listening to Ludacris), and some people like something calming. And sometimes I like a combo of these things, or something different on Tuesday than I wanted on Saturday. So it's definitely a good idea to have varied lists as well as more streamlined lists. Make more than one playlist, is what I am saying!! This list is my overall pavement pounding list.

So Much Love- The Rocket Summer
This Is How We Do- All Time Low
Don't Stop Believin'- Journey
I Must Be Dreaming- The Maine
Kiss My Sass- Cobra Starship
3- Britney Spears
Dammit- blink-182
Ever the Optimist- Lights Out Dancing
Drop the Girl- Hit the Lights
TiK ToK- Ke$ha
Hotel Room Service- Pitbull
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)- Liberation Transmission
Live Like We're Dying- Kris Allen
Down- Jay Sean
Do You Feel- The Rocket Summer
Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal- All Time Low
The Rock Show- blink-182
Moneymaker- Ludacris
Hot Mess- Cobra Starship
The Pretender- Foo Fighters
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
Carry Out- Timbaland/Justin Timberlake
Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris)- Usher
Homecoming- Hey Monday
Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
Wasted- Cartel
I'm Calming Down- Lights Out Dancing
Josie- blink-182
Separate Ways- Journey
Let You Go- The Rocket Summer
Hot Damn 100- Just the Kid
My Last Mistake- I Call Fives
Skyway Avenue- We the Kings
Crazy B****- Buckcherry
Hum Hallelujah- Fall Out Boy
Crushcrushcrush- Paramore
Imma Be- Black Eyed Peas

So... that's a sample. MySpace, iLike or PureVolume are good places to listen to tracks to see if you like them before you buy them. Great music can be valuable to motivation!

until later...

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." ~Berthold Auerbach

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