Sunday, March 7, 2010

New favorite sites!

I've been poking around the good old internet for new ways to track my health and fitness goals. I thought I'd share a couple of awesome sites with you guys!

This site was one that a friend turned me on to a couple of summers ago. What's neat about it is all the little extras it has. You can build your "daily plate" if you are into counting calories and seeing what you've built up in a day. You can map out a run and see just how far you're running. You can blog or write in your food diary. It'll figure out your BMI (Body Mass Index) for you. There are even LIVESTRONG dares, ideas of ways you can change you life for the better. And these range from quitting smoking to stretching every day to finding a job. There is information on a million different topics; ending a destructive relationship, tips to stop drinking, food and exercise. It's seriously a wealth of information, and I recommend it to any/everyone reading this!

This website I just joined, a friend from my run club had posted something about it on Facebook. Really an awesome site for tracking your exercise plan. I've been using it to physically write down my own goals. You can log every exercise you do, whether it be running 2 miles or hitting the yoga studio, and it'll figure out the calories you burned based on weight and length of time you exercise/pace. There's also the cool function of being able to comment on your friends' workouts; you can give encouragement to the people you love! It's great.

So there are a couple of options for recording your goals. I highly recommend writing down the things you're doing to get healthy- there is definitely something to be said for seeing something you're proud of written down in front of you. It makes you feel great to see what you've done, and it'll stare you in the face when you need a little extra motivation.

until later...

"All great achievements require time."
Maya Angelou

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