Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day.  I don't know who created this "holiday", but it essentially means that across the country, folks are lacing up their trainers and heading out to log some miles.  Here in Kalamazoo, it is a beautiful day; sunny skies, moderate temps, seriously enjoyable running weather.  I know a lot of my running friends are getting out there tonight if they haven't already... and if you're not a runner, today would be a perfect day to take a first step.  Allow me to dispel a few myths about running....

Uh, yeah.  I don't actually know any runners who look like that.  
Most of us are just normal, average, non-Kenyan runners.  The beauty of running is, there is no mold of what a "runner" looks like.  Walk into any shopping mall and pick any ten people at random, and any of them could be a runner if they wanted to.  
There is zero criteria for "what a runner looks like".
  • I'M TOO SLOW TO BE A RUNNER.  Sorry, that's a myth, too.  Unless you are a freak of speed like a handful of people I know, you are probably not going to win any races.  And that's fine.  You're probably not going to come in last, either.  Also fine.  And if you DO come in last, that is ALSO FINE.  You still finished a race while bunches of other people stayed home and watched reruns of Full House.  (Have mercy.)
  • IF I FAIL, IT WILL BREAK ME.  No, it won't.  Sometimes I go out for a run, and I can't get my mojo working.  I'm tired, my brain starts telling me I suck at this, and I quit and go home.  It's a bad day.  So, I read a book or play with my dogs, and I try again another day.  Fact is, sometimes you are going to suck at running.  It's not a big deal, unless you give up completely and never put your shoes back on.  If you're having a bad day, you can quit.  You just have to make sure you never quit trying, because one bad day is not the end of all good days.  
  • PEOPLE WILL LAUGH AT ME.  No, they won't.  And if they do, they are probably an asshole or feel threatened by you.  You are better than that.
  • I'M TOO OLD TO RUN.  Nope.  Don't let age discourage you from trying.  I know people that I guarantee are older than you that are out there jogging along.  
  • RUNNING IS BORING.  Running is as boring as you let it be.  Running the same loop in your neighborhood like I do a lot?  Boring.  Running with a few friends?  Much less boring.  Doing a local race with a whole bunch of other people?  Not boring.  Doing a run like The Color Run or Warrior Dash or a glow run or something else that involves lots of people slinging crap at you?  Actually, those are super fun.  Find a way to put the fun into your running.  Frunning.  (TRADEMARK)
  • I CAN'T RUN.  You can.  

So today, for National Running Day, I implore you to get out there.  Instead of telling yourself no, tell yourself yes.  I'm not asking for a marathon, I'm asking for you to tack on 30 seconds of jogging to a walk tonight.  Make a choice- you are better than the voices in your head that try to keep you down.  You couldn't ask for a more perfect day to start an uprising.  

Until later...

"Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still." ~ Chinese Proverb 

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