Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No-bake cookies!

Hey, all!  It's been a while.  Nothing like the winter slump between race season and run camp starting up... you know, that month or two that I get in a couple miles a week just to feel like I did something, but can't understand why I feel so out of shape?

The good news is, Borgess Run Camp is back underway; despite being struck down with that two-week flu everyone keeps raving about, I seem to be injury-free thus far.  This year I'll be training for the half-marathon again.  I'm already signed up for several spring halfs and a winter half in about a week and a half (yikes!), including the inaugural Portage Winterblast, the inaugural Gazelle Girl (girls only!), the Bayshore, and I still need to get signed up for Borgess.  I'm hoping my training goes well and I stay healthy.  My goal, besides mileage, is to start working more strength training/core work into my week.  Even if I just start with one session a week, it's better than zero.  People keep giving me all of these great exercises, and I just keep thinking I'll do them and then become complacent.  My husband and I always lament that we watch Biggest Loser while playing around on our laptops when we could be doing sets of crunches or something... so that's going to change, too.

But hey, this post was supposed to be about no-bake cookies...!  I went to a Super Bowl party last weekend, and wanted to bring some dessert that was "safe" for me to eat.  I made these no-bakes that I rolled into small balls instead of larger cookies.  The recipe doesn't make a ton, so you may wish to double it.  Also, I added a bit of cinnamon to the mixture.  Delicious, with a few healthy fats (peanut butter and coconut oil!), antioxidants (cinnamon and cocoa powder!) and some fiber (oats and whole wheat flour!), too.  Enjoy!

Yummy no-bake cookies!

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