Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adventures at the farmer's market...

Man, I just love the farmer's market here in Kalamazoo.

So many people selling so much delicious, locally grown produce, much of it on the cheap.  I love wandering through the aisles, seeing what everyone has to offer, running into friends, and leaving with a bag stuffed full of goods.

Today I took $20 to the farmer's market and left with:

  • A giant bag of lettuce (after I cut up one bunch, I realized I really didn't need to buy two bunches... let's just say, I'll be eating a lot of salad this week.)
  • A giant bag of cherry tomatoes
  • A bag of six delicious and huge pretzel rolls
  • A small bag of dog treats
  • An avocado
  • A huge basket of strawberries
  • A sweet onion
  • Three sweet potatoes
  • A large zucchini
  • A bunch of asparagus
And everything smells so good, and the strawberries are so ripe and juicy.... YUM.  After my trip to the farmer's market, I hit up my favorite butcher shop, V & V Quality Meats.  If you have never bought from them before (they're on Sprinkle, a little north of exit 80), I can tell you their meat is awesome.  Chances are good you will spend less than you would have at Meijer, and they have locally sourced meat.  (Not to mention it's delicious.)  Today I spent about $23 and got:

  • Two big t-bone steaks
  • A pound of thick cut bacon
  • A pound of deli turkey breast
So all in all, I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.  I supported my local economy and got some awesome food to show for it.  If you're interested in going to the farmer's market, I'll give you a couple of tips.

  1. Go early if you want a good selection.  If you wait until late morning or lunchtime, it will be very picked over.  
  2. Look for the young hippies behind tables... they almost always have the organic produce, hahaha!  
  3. Ask how people grow their food if it's not posted.  There's not a lot of sense in buying something locally if it's still grown in a blanket of pesticides.  Not everyone is a completely organic farm, but at least find out if they use chemicals to grow.  
  4. Bring cash and a large bag!  People don't just sell fruits and veggies... you'll find local meat, eggs, breads, doggy treats, desserts, tamales and salsa, flowers, soaps... so much to explore at the farmer's market!
until later...

"Gardens are not made by singing, 'Oh, how beautiful', and sitting in the shade."  ~ Rudyard Kipling

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